Loading Bay Lifts

The Loading Bay is the focal point of the logistics process and nobody understands the vital importance of this more than Edmolift. Our vast experience in all aspects of Loading Bay design will ensure no matter what your location or environment we will design, supply and install exactly the right lift platform for you and your workplace.

Lightwell Lifts

Access valuable lightwell basement space using a custom made Lightwell Lift from the Edmolift team of highly skilled engineers. We are the UK’s #1 lightwell lift providers. Modern or heritage styles designed to suit your lightwell and load type perfectly. Bikes, bins, general goods and disabled access options are all available.

Goods Lifts

For every workplace, location and type of load we have the right solution for your load lifting requirements. Our team of experts will evaluate your application and provide the very best Goods Platform Lift for you and your budget. From low level to high rise, lightweight to heavy duty.

The Scissor Lift Platform Specialists

Loads Better - Loading bay lifts

Edmolift offer a range of products and support services that ensure your loading bay is as efficient and reliable as possible, Edmolift loading bay lifts will interface seamlessly with your building, vehicles and processes.

Site survey visits are attended free of charge by our highly experienced engineering team to ascertain which product will suit your requirements and provide a cost effective solution.

Loading bays are the focal point of the logistics process and nobody understands the vital importance of this more than Edmolift. Our vast experience of all aspects of loading bay lift design will ensure we install exactly the right lift for your requirements. READ MORE…

loading bay lifts
loading bay lifts


Loads Better - Goods Lifts

Goods lifts are an excellent alternative to steep ramps, where these highly adaptable scissor lift tables can be used for most types of heavy load. They are especially popular for use within large commercial refuse, recycling and clinical waste sites.

Our versatile goods lifts are the ideal solution for moving loads between two or more fixed levels, where our installations are the perfect size for large 1100 litre Eurobins.  Manufactured to suit your application, our lifts can be customised with your choice of handrails, gates and guards.

Moreover, this type of scissor lift table can be operated at the touch of a button, ideal for busy factories, warehouses, shops, hospitals and schools.  Our split level scissor lift tables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, where they can transport loads between two differing height levels such as a loading bay or an adjoining building.  All of our goods lifts are very robust, meaning they are suitable for heavy-duty vertical transport applications and a high traffic flow.


Loads Better - Lightwell Lifts

Lightwell lifts are in growing demand in our cities and metropolitan areas as the benefits they provide give use to an often neglected but valuable space. As well as light well lifts,  today we offer our widest product portfolio ever which is matched by the highest levels of technical expertise and experience. 

Making the best use of this valuable basement space is important to our clients.  An excellent method of gaining access is with the use of a Edmolift Light well Platform Lift. In addition, this specialist application requires a specialist surveyor.

Edmolift are at the forefront of this market ensuring you get the right product at the best price. We combine stimulating new trends and finishes with a client’s key requirements to guarantee a design that is exclusive, reflecting their own property style and requirements.

Edmolift offers expert knowledge and advice, using tailor made designs, hand -crafted studio based manufacturing methods and luxury finishes enabling clients to realise the full potential of their new bespoke platform lift. READ MORE…


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